Total Learning Classroom

The Total Learning Classroom (TLC) model builds upon the success of Reading Corps to provide a more robust and data-based approach to school-level impact.

The TLC program directly address three key challenges faced by high needs schools: the need for supplemental intervention, the need for increased capacity in the regular classroom, and the need for improved processes at the system level (e.g., data-based decision-making).

Project Highlights

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In addition to individualized tutoring, the TLC program layers support for students by placing a K-3 Scholar Coach in the classroom to build the capacity of teachers. Thus far, the program has observed the strongest results among students who receive tutoring and are present in the classroom with Scholar Coaches. The figure above illustrates the growth toward grade-level benchmarks among TLC Kindergarten students during the 2019-2020 academic year, separated by the amount of support received.

The value of support from TLC Scholar Coaches is also evident in teacher ratings of their capacity to facilitate high quality literacy instruction. The figure above illustrates large increases in teacher capacity across aspects of differentiating instruction, fluency practice, writing practice, vocabulary practice, and other literacy learning opportunities.

The TLC program also matches partner schools with a Systems Coach who works with the school to complete a Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) checklist that assesses five areas: Universal Screening, Core Instruction, Supplemental Intervention, Progress Monitoring, and Continuous Improvement. The Systems Coach, in collaboration with school leaders, sets goals and develops an action plan based on the areas of focus. Throughout the year, the Systems Coach continues to work with site staff to make progress toward these goals. The figure above illustrates where the greatest needs are across partner schools, with lower percentages indicating greater need for system support in that area.

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