About Us

Our theory of change: partnerships between researchers, AmeriCorps programs, and communities offer immense value for research, sustainable practice, and community-driven solutions. We value a broad and inclusive definition of “collaboration” because improving societal outcomes is maximized when the tools of science, expertise of communities, and resources of AmeriCorps are deployed in a truly collaborative way.

The Center’s portfolio includes projects to evaluate the impact of AmeriCorps programming, projects to advance the existing knowledge base in education, and development projects to bring new and innovative programming to communities across the nation.

The Team

Innovation in research and practice requires collaboration. In addition to leading projects on our own, we actively partner with other researchers who have an interest in advancing research to practice.

As our AmeriCorps partners grow and scale, so has our network of collaborators. With expertise in topics ranging from assessment development and impact evaluations to culturally response tutoring practices, our collaborators play a pivotal role in advancing the mission of the collaborative. See something that interests you? Reach out!

Leadership Team

Implementation Team